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Voice of Eve,  “A Memory Tender as Sunburn,” “Desires, Sexual and Otherwise,” “Matryoshka”


VoiceCatcher, “Cherry Blossoms”


Willawaw Fall 2018, “A Vision of Colleen”


Willawaw Winter 2018, “Coming Home,” “Pastiche”


Willawaw Fall 2019, “If You Were Here Now,” “Mint Julep”


The Voices Project, “This Charming Man”

Northwest Coast Squid, “My First Train Ride”


Mojave River Press, “Writing Weird,” “I saw a horse waiting”

Terra Incognita (anthology), “The Frogs,” “Hope to Mend a Damaged World,” “Watching the Sea Come In,” “A Prayer for Tomorrow,” “A Modest Proposal”


Social Justice Poetry, “Our Oleander,” “In Trump’s America”


Poetry Box/Cosmos (anthology), “Night Music, Stars Askew in the Heavens”


The Opiate 2019 “Barbie Suffers From Insomnia”


The Opiate 2020, “Unobtainable,” “An Affliction that Transfixes the Body”

          (Titled “I Feel I Understand Existence” in The Barbie Diaries)


Willawaw Winter 2019, “The Ice Has Begun to Unclench,” “I was born with eyes that can never close…”


Kosmos Quarterly Winter 2020, “Riparian”


The Beatnik Cowboy 2020, “His Hidden Heart”


Willawaw Spring 2020, “Perfect Touch”


Poetry Box/Pop Culture (anthology), “Possession”


The Decameron 2020, “Nothing That Matters is Forever,” “Theft”


Wax Poetry and Art Magazine 2020, “When I Unfurl Like a Fist Unfurls

The Opiate 2020, “Free of Pretense


Visions International, “Variations on Death,” “An Uninvited Guest,” “I Am Lost To the World”  (Isadora)



Cathexis Northwest Press 2020,  “A Dozen Lip Hugs,” “I Watch My Mother Play,” “Once I dreamed—“


Pif Magazine, “Just Like That

The Opiate 2020, “Positively Volcanic”  

Narcissism”      July 23, 2020

“How Did Harold Die?”

“A Faithful Housewife”
“Time Is As Slippery As An Eel”


little somethings press 2020, “Tell the Water to Freeze”

San Pedro River Review, “You Know That I’m No Good”


Willawaw Winter 2020, “Dear Mother in Your Iced-Tea House”

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